"If you can stay positive in a negative situation you have a win-win"  
The law of attraction

All of the following services serve to align the energies of a person in many different ways.  Once the energies are aligned, true health and healing can occur.

Investment for all services:  $125.00 


Aromatherapy facilitates healing through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are subtle, volatile liquids distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. They are oxygenating and help transport nutrients to the cells of the body. They nourish and replenish via the blood stream which in turn goes deep into all of the organs and tissues. Documented research indicates that most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils. The oils have many applications from direct inhalation and direct application, to diluting for use in the bath or lotions, to being diffused in the air. The essential oils move beyond the physical to the emotional and spiritual bodies clearing many blocks to healing.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a whole-body approach to hands-on healing. The delicate touch of a trained practitioner tunes into the person's craniosacral system which consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This system influences the development and performance of the brain and spinal cord, which potentially could cause any number of sensory, motor or neurological disabilities.

Difficulties with chronic pain, scoliosis, motor-coordination impairments, learning disabilities, headaches of all kinds, stress related problems, infantile disorders, TMJ syndrome, and many other conditions can be addressed with this therapy. The gentle detection and correction encourages a person's natural healing mechanism to release any of these stressors on the central nervous system. Overall relaxation, improved sleep patterns, and overall health are results of this therapy.

Energy Balancing

Electromagnetic fields of energy surrounds each of us and all things around us-plants, animals, gems, and any other solid materials. The nature of each object has its own vibration of energy -depending upon the density. The vibration can be heightened by positive energies around it or it can be lessened and depleted if surrounding energies are consistently at a lower level of vibration. Any form of stress can alter this delicate but profound balance. Energy balancing will bring the individual to a more positive place to facilitate improved functioning in daily life. With this balance comes greater happiness, health, and spiritual attunement.

Many forms of balancing are used at Reflections in Health. I am trained in energy techniques that will help ease your healing journey.  

Susan is an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner, a Reiki Master Teacher, and a healing touch therapist.

Healing Minister Services

There are life ceremonies and rituals that call for an official minister, like weddings, christenings or funerals. Perhaps you are no longer attending an organized religious group and you would like to find a minister who is available to officiate at your life events. We can help you plan the perfect ceremony for your needs.

Rev. Susan Bliffert is an Ordained Minister of Healing through the Universal Life Church. As such, she has the rights and privileges of the ministry and can perform weddings, memorial services and funerals, christenings and baptisms.

Other life circumstances may call for spiritual counsel, healing and solace.

•Do you have a dear friend who needs to be prayed for?
•Is there a need for hands-on healing with a spiritual intention?
•Do you have a loved one in the hospital, nursing home or hospice situation who would appreciate a visit?

Pricing varies - please inquire

Lymph Therapy

Your lymphatic system cleanses almost every tissue in your body. It is also the pathway that circulates immunity. Lymph drainage is a technique to help increase the body's natural flow of lymph by increasing circulation through this natural filtration system. This increased circulation assists in detoxifying the body and supports health through a better functioning immune system.

Lymph drainage gently pumps the lymph nodes, imitating the body's way of moving its fluids as well as stimulating the production of various white blood cells and boosting the immune system. It is a deeply relaxing, rhythmic and hypnotic technique that is ideal for assisting the body during a cleanse or a fast.

You could benefit from a Lymph drainage if you suffer from the following:

• Depressed immune response due to poor production of white blood cells
• Chronic fatigue syndrome and/or frequent colds or flu
• Skin disorders including acne, eczema, poor complexion, etc.
• Edema (swelling of all kinds)
• Sinus congestion
• Tension headaches
• Allergies
• Insomnia
• Toothache
• Cellulite
• Circulatory problems
• Emotional stress and depression
• Muscle sprains or broken bones (above and below the site of the break)

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a whole-body, hands-on approach to evaluate and treat the integrity of the connective tissue of the body. This magic web of tissue literally "holds" us together. Without it we would be mush! The high tensile strength and holding power can, however, pull in ways that can create discomfort all the way to debilitating pain-usually beginning with a trauma or with repetitive motions. This hands on therapy is a process to "melt" the tissue back into better structural alignment lessening and eliminating pain. This therapy is also a great way to prevent injuries.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy assists people to develop skills necessary for living independent and satisfying lives. OT's are skilled professionals whose education includes studying human growth and development with special emphasis on the social, emotional, and physical responses to the effects of injury or illness. OT's are trained and certified to work with people of all ages who are dealing with life challenges. OT's are nationally board certified and state licensed.

Raindrop Technique

This technique uses the benefits of essential oils to enhance the immune system, and to relieve the immune system of stress from viral, fungal, bacterial, or other microbial infections. It facilitates relaxation of spinal muscles, relieving tension and allowing a freer flow of nerve energy. The oils provide support on all levels of our being and structural and electrical alignment. This technique has also been known to correct defects in the curvature of the spine originating with the knowledge of a Lakota medicine man in the 1970's.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is the "life force energy". Put together the word personifies "spiritually guided life force energy". The "laying on hands" focuses the "life force energy" to flow more abundantly throughout the body allowing health.

Reiki enhances all standard therapies and medical treatments, and brings harmony to promote recovery and to relieve side effects. A qualified Reiki practitioner has received an attunement by a Reiki Master Teacher, has a lineage, is spiritually guided, and will never cause harm.

Retreats and Healing Intensives

Retreats and Intensives are an exceptional way to experience profound inner transformation & deep rejuvenation.  Beautiful backdrops in nature are always the scene for these one to two week intensives.

This is a time to connect with our most inner Divine Beings to heal the deep wounds that may be binding us from our full potential.  This time away from our normal daily activities allows focusing completely on our inner spirits while releasing inner struggles.  Reflect, journal, and have fun with like-minded people as your spirit soars!

Somato-Emotional Release

The body "holds" all of our memories – we may remember the wonderful ones and some of the difficult ones. It could be the negative ones that we have either buried deep into our being or have not fully realized the effects of the trauma that now cause us difficulty in our relationships, our jobs, or our general well-being. This therapy uses the cranio-sacral system to identify possible "energy cysts" that have left residue in the body from past traumas. It takes tremendous energy to "hold" these emotional imprints in our bodies. Overtime, the body can lose its ability to adapt to these past traumas. This gentle way of releasing the traumas can free up our being in a way that enhances our daily living and happiness.

Wellness Coaching


My training as an Occupational Therapist includes all aspects of the human being ie. the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Areas of life coaching, self-care, movement, and nutrition all play a role in a well-rounded therapy program.  It is helpful to explore which pieces of the puzzle of life are the most pertinent to you in your healing journey.  So not one size fits all - you will be heard and listened to.  I am here to help you with your healing but I am also here to support you along the way.