My background as an occupational therapist of +30 years has given me grounded scientific knowledge in the physical and psychological aspects of the human being – while my personal journey of healing has led me to explore the impact of emotions, nutrition, and exercise on the spirit. My additional training as an energy practitioner and minister of healing, helps me to integrate the two worlds of traditional and conventional therapies for an approach that meets many needs.

Being sensitive to a person’s background, belief system, and lifestyle helps me to provide the most effective treatment plan. The services that I administer may include occupational therapy, Eden energy medicine, cranio-sacral therapy, myofascial release, aromatherapy, energy work, reiki, yoga, and nutritional counseling. And, because no one therapy is a panacea, I encourage networking with other professionals to bring a greater integration of care.

I offer individualized programs as well as education and consultation.


Reflections In Health began in 2002 after leaving a full time private practice partnership.  Now with having a more flexible schedule and not all of the administrative and managerial duties I have been able to focus more on my patients needs.  It has been a bit of a juggle but I thrive on variety. I also needed time to fulfill a calling to co-found a nonprofit with my husband Fred with the mission to provide day camp experiences for those with profound life challenges. (www.bluelotusfarm.org) It has been a bit of a juggle but I thrive on variety.

I have experienced many of my own health challenges since early childhood. This suffering has brought to me a greater sense of compassion for those that I work with and my illnesses that modern medicine couldn't help me with steered me toward complementary therapies.  So for that I am very grateful.